Here's what & # 39; OG & # 39; means – it's not what you think


The thing about acronyms is that they imply a kind of exclusivity
– as if you had to ask, then you can not be a true fan. And so
a lot of Teenage mother fans who have
stuck through young
since day one may feel a little embarrassed to admit that they do not have
understand what "OG" means in the the newest
of MTV's featured series.

Have no fear, Teenage mother
devotees The network all clued to what OG means and why does
total sense
to use it.

It all comes back to the beginning of "Teen Mom"

Farrah Abraham, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood became, for the first time, a famous reality show in 2009 when Teenage mother debuted Was the first 16 and pregnant shows spinoff who portrayed real life for underage mothers, their boyfriends, and the emotional tension of having such a young baby.

It was a success. The show dominated rankings for four seasons and eventually led to another spinoff, Teen Mother 2. But this show ended amid real-life casting issues, including spouse abuse and addiction. Amber Portwood eventually went to jail and filming stopped in 2012.

But the most popular programs like Teenage mother Enjoy some kind of reprise in the future. MTV brought back
Teen Mom but renamed Teenage mother OG
which means "Original Girls".

Why is Farrah Abraham no longer on the show?

All the Teenage mother
stars stood out in their own way, but Farrah
which quickly became one of the most popular faces thanks to her
Larger personality than life and highly intriguing lifestyle. She was not originally
should be part of the Teenage mother OG
cast, but when other members of the cast threatened to boycott the show, MTV reluctantly
agreed to have her join. That ended disastrously.

As most fans remember, Abraham left the show in terrible terms after getting into a fight with the executive producer. It was all about Abraham's continued involvement in the adult film industry, which Teenage mother The producers said it was not acceptable while she was at their show.

They replaced Farrah with former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.
daughter of Bristol Palin, although she has never been to the show and definitely
does not qualify as an original girl. It was a desperate attempt for MTV to keep
high rankings with another big star after losing Farrah Abraham.

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

Farrah Abraham would never join "Teen Mom OG"?

Now there are rumors that Farrah can go back to the
series since Bristol Palin is in
your exit
. Apparently, Palin said on the Instagram: "the teenage mother OG was not appropriate for me, it took my peace … and
honestly – my peace has a price that no one but God can afford. "

One source claimed that
Farrah Abraham would consider returning to the cast because she needs money and
the show needs it to survive. But she wanted to get paid for it. They would go
invite her back? We'll find out soon!


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