Game Developers Conference 2019: Unreal and Unity Engine with real-time raytracing support


At Game Developers Conference 2019, it was announced that support for real-time raytracing will be incorporated into key gaming engines. These include, for example, the Unreal Engine and the Unity Engine. Even before the conference, Crytek announced the support of raytracing in Cryengine (we report). Real-time raytracing is based on the core Microsoft DirectX Raytracing (DXR) function in the PC gaming ecosystem. The integration of such features into game engines can speed up the development process and support these graphical features in the game.

"Unreal Engine 4.22 is available as a preview, with final details expected as part of the Epic GDC keynote on Wednesday, and from April 4, Unity will provide streamlined, production-oriented and time-oriented real-time with a custom experimental build GitHub is available to all users with full view access in the 2019.03 version of Unity, and real-time raytracing is also supported by other primary AAA gaming mechanisms including the DICE freeze engine / EA Northlight Engine from Remedy Entertainment and the game engines from Crystal Dynamics, Kingsoft, Netease and other "nVidia emphasizes.

"I believe all AAA titles will include real-time raytracing in the near future"
said Jon Peddie, president of Jon Peddie Research. "The integration of real-time raytracing by the two dominant game engines demonstrates the gaming industry's belief that real-time raytracing is the future of gaming graphics, and in the past, integration into gaming mechanisms was a divisor of waters for technology. " introduction throughout the industry ".

"The introduction of programmable shaders for more than 15 years has changed the game world in a sustainable way, and today real-time raytracing will do the same – it's the next game development milestone."says Matt Wuebbling, GeForce Marketing Director at nVidia. "Bandwidth is remarkable – standard APIs, integration with key gaming engines, multiple AAA titles and support for millions of PCs, and it's an exciting future for gamers."

In addition, GameWorks RTX is designed to promote the development of raytracing games. nVidia GameWorks RTX is a toolkit for developers to implement real-time raytracing effects in games. GameWorks RTX is available in open source under the GameWorks license and includes plugins for Unreal Engine 4.22 and Unity Preview 2019.03. Included are:

  • "RTX Denoiser SDK – a library that provides fast and real-time ray tracing, providing denoise techniques to reduce the number of rays and samples per pixel required, including algorithms for traced area light shadows, bright reflections, ambient occlusion and diffusion Global Illumination.
  • Nsight for RT – an autonomous developer tool that saves developers time by helping them debug and create graphical applications built with DXR and other supported APIs. "

NVidia writes about real time raytracing in games: "Raytracing is the ultimate solution for natural light, reflections and shadows with a degree of realism far beyond what is possible with traditional rendering techniques."


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