Friends gather public support for co-workers undergoing transplant surgery


CALGARY (660 NEWS) – A Calgary woman is giving her co-worker the last gift. On Monday, Connie Walker and Heather McCormick will travel to Edmonton and undergo liver transplant surgery. In late 2018, McCormick was diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells in his bile duct, which means that she would eventually need a liver transplant to survive.

She was able to enter Alberta's transplant list, but was considered a low priority since the list prioritizes those whose health is declining.

Instead of waiting for the cancer to develop, reducing their chances of survival, the mother of two young children decided to drop the list and appeal directly to the public for a living donor.

Little did she know that her colleague Connie, whom she barely knew, would volunteer to be tested to see if she was compatible.

She is. Now, several months later, Connie and Heather are getting ready for surgery and the recovery months that will follow. Both women will need to move temporarily to Edmonton during their recovery and the costs are expected to be in the thousands.

Her co-worker Michelle Hogobaum has created two campaigns for women, hoping to offset the financial costs.

The links for both campaigns are below.


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