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Chicken prices up in China as effects of African swine fever virus

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Chicken prices are rising in China as Chinese consumers begin to replace poultry with pork amid rising prices for pork while farmers continue to eliminate herds of pigs to contain outbreaks of African swine fever in the parents.

That means buyers who expect to use chicken as a cheaper alternative to pork may be disappointed, as chicken remains scarce in the country and meat prices are rising fast.

China has been facing a chicken shortage since 2016 when US and French chicken imports were banned because of outbreaks of bird flu in those countries. The ban has resulted in a sharp drop in imported poultry for feathered broilers that China relies on for the supply of chicken.

Chicken population in China has since fallen to 4.16 billion poultry last year compared to 6 billion poultry in 2016 and the population is expected to drop another 10 percent this year, worsening the shortage this year and raising prices for poultry. birds.

The average domestic price of chicken has increased more than 68 percent since March last year, with boilers being sold for RMB 14 / kg in the largest wholesale food market Xinfadi, up 27 percent from February.

This price increase is expected to continue in the coming months, as more people switch to chicken, as the price of pork increases.

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