Black Desert Online: New class "Shai" is playable from June 26 –


Pearl Abyss and Cocoa Games announced today that Shai joins the world of Black Desert Online as the 18th year. Shai is a unique addition to the popular MMORPG since she is the only character focused on life skills and support skills. As of today, players can create their personal shai in advance before being officially playable on June 26.

In commemoration of the release of Shai, trial account users can gain free access to Black Desert Online to elaborate. To do this, the player must reach level 50 and enter the game between June 19 and July 3 for at least seven days. Those who create their own shai this week will also receive unique rewards such as an exclusive accessory, a title in the game, and various useful items to get you started as well.

About Shai

The main weapon of Shai in combat is the giant boomerang Florang. To protect herself and her allies, she also uses the alchemical side weapon Vitclari. Her small stature allows her to divert quickly and skillfully while attacking her opponents. Life skills are her specialty, which is why she has alchemy skills and professional skills from the start.

His most important skills are:

Black Desert Online

One-two-three: Shai's base attack with Florang, which can be played up to three times.

Black Desert Online

Eat this !: Shai plays Florang recklessly in the desired direction. This is your longest reach.

Black Desert Online

Exit, exit: Shai reveals enemies hidden nearby with his flashlight. This ability is especially useful in fighting powerful monsters and protecting your own allies against Ninja and Kunoichi.

Black Desert Online

Over Here!: Shai creates a sanctuary that prevents his allies from injuring themselves.

Black Desert Online

Play Dead: Shai puts himself to weigh his enemies safely. The ability is only useful in fighting other players, the monsters are not fooled by it.

Black Desert Online

More information and details about the festivities can be found on the official website.


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