Monday , October 25 2021

Bad news: There's more WhatsApp, Insta and Facebook for this mobile brand!


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Bitter news for the Chinese group Huawei – from now on Facebook prohibits the installation of its applications on Huawei devices.

Neither Messenger, Instagram nor WhatsApp can install Huawei in the future. The reason – Facebook prohibits Huawei from pre-installing its applications on new smartphones. This affects not only the Facebook application itself but also Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.

But there is good news for customers who already own a Huawei smartphone. You can easily use your favorite apps and continue to receive updates.

The Chinese company would have filed a constitutional complaint against the US government in response. If that fails and the sanctions are actually met, that would probably mean the extinction of Huawei smartphones in the European market.

Because if, in addition to the Android operating system, the Google Play Store and key Google services, all other US apps disappear, interest in Huawei smartphones in Europe would probably disappear altogether.

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