An editor at Twitch banned from his cosplay face


Lithuanian publisher Karina Martsinkevich, who broadcasts the name Karupups on Twitch, was removed from the Twitch for a month while doing the Lifeline cosplay on Apex Legends.

Karina Martsinkevich, publisher of Twitch in Lithuania, was banned in her chat on Saturday because of her complacency. Apex Legends in the game called Lifeline character known for loving the editor while facing a one-month ban to resemble the character. The reason for the ban was the dark foundation on the publisher's face.


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Martsinkevich Karupups broadcasts under the name of Martsinkevich, prepared for the public in the cosplay, changed the color of his hair and clothes. While everything is normal, the user who painted his face with a dark foundation was blocked by the Twitch. Martsinkevich said on YouTube that he wanted to show his audience the difficulties of Cosplay, how long it took to do the clothes and makeup. The Lithuanian publisher stated that the reason for the ban was to behave in an odious manner against a person or a group of Arak people.

Twitch hacked and banned for the user did not make a Twitch statement. The ban is no longer in question.

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