AIPAC appoints the entrepreneur & # 39; female football fan & # 39; the next president – US News


The next president of AIPAC will be a woman who started a sports media business after being a trainee in the lobby.

Betsy Berns Korn, 51, now vice president, was announced on Sunday as the board's choice.

As is tradition, the current chairman of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Mort Fridman, speaking Sunday at his annual conference, announced the choice. Fridman noted that she worked at AIPAC in 1989 as a trainee.

The Berns company formed in 1996, BVision Sportsmedia, publishes books and other means of communication. It was the same year that she married businessman Douglas Korn.

In 1999, she wrote "The Female Fan Guide to Pro Football", a book, according to her Amazon synopsis, which uses "simple and easy to understand language" so that "Husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends can now enjoy their afternoons of Sunday together.


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