A new study from the University of California says that this is the best time to exercise. It's the Worst Time for Entrepreneurs


Absurdly Driven looks at the business world with a skeptical look and a tongue firmly rooted in the cheek.

I know many business owners who get up in the morning night, to get to the gym.

4:30 in the morning. Or 5.

It seems a little lunatic to ride a bike or lift a recalcitrant bar at this time of day.

Now I have the science to support me.

Paolo Sassone-Corsi, PhD, Donald Bren Professor and director of the Center for Epigenetics and Metabolism of the Faculty of Medicine of the UCI, made the apparently final statement:

We found that exercise at the right time of the day – around mid-morning – results in more oxygen in the cells and a more rejuvenating effect on the body.

The time when many entrepreneurs are bogged down in meetings.

But how did the researchers come to their conclusions? Why, they observed mice and the effects of exercise on skeletal muscle metabolism.

It seems that the mid-morning exercise "resulted in increased use of carbohydrates and ketone bodies, as well as the breakdown of fats and amino acids."

He, from Charles Stuart University in Australia, suggested that working at night was not worse for his productivity or sleep than doing it at any other time of day.

In fact, researcher Penny Larsen specifically suggested that mornings were the worst time of day to exercise:

Energy production during sprint efforts was higher in the afternoon and evening tests compared to the morning test, indicating that participants performed better during the later parts of the day.

Ultimately, you have to find not only what works for your body, but what works for your schedule.

Perfection is a struggle, especially when you have to choose between the best time of day to exercise and the best time of day to make money.


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