Thursday , October 21 2021

Words of Encouragement Make Hogan Ponder Future of the Club


Scott Hogan admitted Mick McCarthy's words of admiration in his mind after the Republic of Ireland's victory over Gibraltar as he pondered the future of his club.

Hogan made his Irish debut in Turkey last year and had his first competitive match last night against Gibraltar but could not find the net.

The Aston Villa man could be prolific in front of the goal but was loaned in the latter part of the season, though as part of the Sheffield Untied team who won the promotion.

The 27-year-old was upset that he was not on the scoresheet last night, but it was a conversation with the Irish boss weighing more.

He told RTÉ Sport: "It's been a difficult season for me." I know the boss trusts me. "He said I did not play enough for the last camp I understand." He asked me to do a job tonight and I'm just disappointed, I could not score, I think I did everything except scoring, but that's what it is, we have the win and that's all that matters.

"This is the first time I've started with these guys, I've been training with them, they know what I'm talking about, only time will help improve time and connections.

"I know that the boss likes me, he was really impressed with me, I did not play a lot of games, I think this was my first game in about six weeks since the end of the season, I played only seven or eight." games that I really do not like I have to go I have to think about my future really I have to play

"The manager pulled me in the end for a few minutes and said," I love everything about you, but you have to go and play. "Now it's up to me and playing, wherever it is."

Villa won the promotion for the Premier League and has already made some big decisions with names like Glenn Whelan and Ross McCormack.

It remains to be seen whether Dean Smith, former Hogan boss, persists with the Salford-born striker.

Hogan is looking forward to a quick fix, any way he can.

He added: "I have a good relationship with the manager [at Aston Villa]. He's had me before and he knows what I am. I have to go in and lower my head and try to get into this team.

"If I can not do this, I have to raise my hands and look elsewhere. It's up to the manager and the people above him.

"It's a great club that will probably have a good chance next year and it will spend a little money, so whatever it is it will be. The important thing is that I get 40 games on my resume because I'm confident that 40 games, I I'll get 25 goals.

"I just want a game race, the only time I had a game race at Villa I got the goals." I can not look in the past now, I have to look forward, I'm 27 years old now and me. " I'm getting to the peak, it's all about playing and the coach pulled me aside and said you had to play.

"He said" just play more games and he'll come in. "I'm leaving now and going home with my wife to be the one who's pregnant.I'm going to have a good summer, do not think about football for two weeks because I do not need it or I do not want it. It's all about playing games. "

Ireland will host Switzerland in their upcoming Euro 2020 qualifier in Dublin in September and Hogan wants the future of his club to be classified and shaped the way McCarthy will join.

Hogan said: "It's four big games. I think 10 points in the next four would help us and that's all that matters."

"This is my next job [to be in the position to start again]. The first step is to be in the initial XI for Ireland [again] and then the next is to score a goal.

"I am confident that I will do this and the boys will see us beyond the line and we can all have a great party in 2020."

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