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Jews have a proud history of entertainment – Sarah Bernhardthtt: //forward.com/culture/books/131284/an-actress-for-the-ages/, Molly Picon, Mel Brooks and Barbra Streisand – a source of joy and pride for our community! We could watch, read and listen for 100 years, and have not yet analyzed the extraordinary and growing legacy of Jews entertaining America.

And yet we found time to watch Netflix's "Murder Mystery," starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. Life is short and then you die, and if you spent 97 minutes watching an aged Adam Sandler try to solve a murder mystery on a boat, that's fine – it was fun, honestly!

Netflix claims that more than 31 million people watched the summer film made by Sandler's producer, which contains as many endorsements paid to Claritin as dead bodies (we've lost count of both.) The mystery of the murder here is as interesting as playing the Clue game board with a group of clumsy children. But the easy joke between the couple Claire and Nick, played by Aniston and Sandler, is – and that ruins all the fibers in our liberal arts degrees to say that – strangely charming.

Adam Sandler is polarizing. Of course, most of us like it when he begs for the celebrities to perform at his daughter's bat mitzvah party, but Sandler has grown from weird folks to the fraternity house to depressing neighbors' places that we invite-to-pity. And the Aniston thing these days seems to involve mostly drinking bottled water while it's beautiful. Together and in fiction, however, they are a strange and overwhelming advertisement for the endless advancement of marriage and monogamy. They just make it look … delicious.

Netflix is ​​notoriously secretive with numbers, selectively releasing unchecked streaming statistics whenever it serves them. The claim that some 31 million people saw "Murder Mystery" in the first three days of its release, noted film historian Peter Labuza, would make the action-packed movie the third biggest weekend of the year, and gives a fee of the end of "Game of Thrones" in more than 10 million.

Netflix is ​​counting the people who pressed the game, saw that Jennifer Aniston would have to do the same maneuvers as Sandler, but in high-heeled sandals, and instantly clicked? Possibly! All we can report is that "Murder Mystery" is a fun watch if you're the kind of person who is sometimes too tired to press "skip ad" in the run-up to a YouTube video.

And sometimes that's good, besides the Streisands and the Seinfelds.


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