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WATCH – José Mourinho responds to criticisms of Gary Neville while questioning the affirmation of the trophy of Mauricio Pochettino

Gary Neville suggested that Jose Mourinho tried to change the DNA of Manchester United
Gary Neville suggested that Jose Mourinho tried to change the DNA of Manchester United

Kevin Palmer

Jose Mourinho reacted to complaints from Gary Neville who tried to change Manchester United's image before being fired as coach of the club last month.

Neville said no coach should be allowed to tamper with United's old traditions by playing attacking football and promoting young players after Mourinho's turbulent spell at Old Trafford.

However, the former head of Real Madrid and Chelsea did not need an invitation to reject the idea of ​​trying to change United's image by giving these comments to beIN Sports.

"He does not know my philosophy," Mourinho said of Neville, suggesting he had no chance to put his mark on Manchester after not having the same support that Jurgen Klopp had at Liverpool or Pep Guardiola received at Manchester City.

"I would love to go to a club and be in a position to do what Jurgen and Pep, for example, did," he continued.

"You look at the team that Liverpool started today, how many players were there before Jurgen arrived? A couple.

"And when Pep was not happy with the four sides he had and that same summer he bought four sides that he liked.And when he bought a goalkeeper like Claudio Bravo, and then he was not happy with Claudio Bravo, and next season he bought Ederson.

"And when Jurgen is in the club and does not earn anything for three years and he still has the confidence and still has the confidence and he still has the conditions to try to come and go.

"Probably this season they have a great chance to do it, but it would be the first time they won a trophy. That's why I was saying before, in my next job, I will not start a conversation with a club without knowing exactly what what the club wants and what the club should do in terms of structure and goals. "

Mourinho also addressed the claims of Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino, who suggested he had brought success to his club despite not having won a trophy.

"He's different from me," Mourinho said when asked if trophies are the only reliable indicators of success. "He thinks differently from me or the day he starts to win trophies he changes communication.

"One thing I can say is that I really like him as a person, I really like him as a coach, I have no doubts, so I'm not being critical of him, I'm just saying maybe he's different from me."

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