US politicians and Brexiteers clash with "invented border issues"


The visiting delegation to the US Congress met vigorously and at times heated up with the pro-Brexit radicals of the United Kingdom, while American politicians rejected claims that the Border was a "made-up" issue.

The delegation, led by Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, met with members of the pro-Brexit European Research Group led by conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg on Monday. The meeting was part of its mission in the UK and Ireland this week to emphasize that there was no chance of a US-UK trade agreement if Brexit hampered Northern Ireland's peace process.

Democratic Congressman Brendan Boyle, a member of the traveling delegation, said US politicians had a "frank discussion" with the ERG that was "a good, sincere and honest exchange."

The representative of Pennsylvania said that the delegation's warning of any post-Brexit risk to the peace process jeopardizes any future trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States and the challenge of passing any trade agreement through the US Congress. UK politicians they met.

Pelosi said she and her fellow delegates made it clear at all their meetings in London that there would be "no chance" of a US-UK trade agreement if Brexit weakened the 1998 Belfast Agreement.


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