Two schools at the center of structural concerns will not reopen today


Most schools that have been at the center of structural concerns in recent weeks are expected to open or partially reopen after the midterm break on Monday.

Only two schools – Tyrrelstown National School Educate Together and St. Luke's National School – that share a campus – do not open.

Another 40 schools, where there were structural concerns, should be opened after security checks.

A total of 22 schools had fences and protective decks around school buildings as a precautionary measure.

Three of the schools will open at the ground level only after the implementation of internal engineering solutions and external precautionary measures.

In all, five teams involving more than 250 workers worked over the weekend to facilitate the reopening of schools.

The fact that so many schools are ready to reopen in any way represents significant progress on the part of the Department of Education in dealing with a controversy that arose just a fortnight ago.


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