Two friends who tragically died in the fall of Mayo named locally as Jack O'Hora and Ricky Langdon


Two friends who tragically died after their car crashed into a tree in Mayo were named locally as Jack O & # 39; Hora and Ricky Langdon.

Pals of the popular pair met in shock to comfort each other after the fatal accident.

Close friends, both in their 20s, died in the single-vehicle accident when their car hit a tree shortly after 11 pm Monday night.

Langdon was pronounced dead at the site of the Killala road in the vicinity of Ballina, Mayo Co, while Mr. O & # 39; Hora died later in the hospital.

A third friend is fighting for his life and is in critical condition at the University of Mayo Hospital.

Independent councilman Gerry Ginty, who lives less than 100 meters from the scene of the crash, said: "At first, when I saw the flashing lights, I thought it was a checkpoint. But then I heard ambulances after that and I knew there was something serious.

"I looked out and there were guards on the road and I could see more lights passing the road along with the fire brigade and an ambulance.

"Then two ambulances left the scene toward Castlebar at high speed, so I knew there was something seriously wrong.

"Many young people have met in shock, friends of the boys involved. They would be young, teenage or 20 years old.

"You could know for them that there was something serious; that they seemed to know the extent of what happened. Talking to some of them, they seemed to realize that Ricky Langdon was dead, but I did not think they knew the second guy [Jack] was in this phase.

"The two of them lived a mile from Ballina. I only met Ricky a few times, but I would have known your father and grandfather were going to school with me. The family would stay in town for a long time. They would be a good family with a large circle of friends and a huge extended family. There will be many local people offering support and assistance, and I would also like to extend my sympathies.

"It's the worst nightmare of people being woken at 12 or 1:00 at night and being told this kind of news. It's the worst fear of all parents.

"No one knows what happened. It is not what you would call a dangerous road by any means. It would be a curve where it happened, but it would not be a severe curve. It would be a curve that you would have no problem negotiating even at a reasonably high speed. "

• Gardai requested that witnesses contact the Ballina Garda Station on 096 20560, the Garda Confidential Telephone Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.


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