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Tourists rescued after the car dives into the sea next to Kerry


Two American tourists were rescued after their car crashed off a seawarding ramp at Valentia Island in Co Kerry.

The couple who are believed to be in their 70s and stay in Killarney were rescued by a local man with water rescue skills.

Mike Moriarty (21) was in the Royal Hotel pub in Knightstown on Monday afternoon when a woman tapped him on the shoulder and said he thought he saw something coming off the ramp near the edge of the clock tower.

"I looked and I could not see anything, but I approached and could see a silver car in the water," said Moriarty.

He had recently returned home on holidays in Malta, where he works on a yacht.

Along with the wall of the ramp, he could see a silver car nose in the water and two elderly people inside.

"I got my phone and my wallet and I went in," he said.

Moriarty could not open the driver's door, and to rebalance the car, he opened the back door to allow water to enter, which caused the car's nose to reposition itself.

"That equalized the pressure and I managed to open the driver's door," he said.

The couple were visiting the island on a train with three or four cars, also American tourists, and Moriarty suspected that the driver thought the car was in reverse. However, the car advanced and left the edge.

"He may have pressed the wrong pedal. They were very shaken, "he said.

The car was taken out of the water by a local garage and the couple took a lift back to Killarney from others on the train.

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