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Top five Premier League teams with most wins of all time


It may not surprise you to find out which English Premier League club is the most victorious side of all time.

1888 is an outstanding year for football in England – it was the year the English Football League was established. The FA Cup has run for 17 years at this time, but the creation of an organized league structure has put the country on its first step to becoming one of the largest and most recognized sporting competitions in the world.

The first tier separated from the EFL in 1992, which is why we have the Premier League today. But the fact is that since its inception in the late nineteenth century, the country's top teams vying for the right to be called the best.

Some teams have been able to do this again and again, at different times in the game, their name appears on the honors list over and over again throughout history. But who is the best of them all? Which club has the best record during all this time, and perhaps the right to be called the best English team of all time?

A quick glance at who won most trophies or spent most of the years at the first table gives you an idea, but the easiest way to discern greatness is to figure out who has the most wins. Which side accumulated the largest number in column W?

The top five teams in the English Premier League with the most wins of all time:

5. Aston Villa – 1643 wins

Only three clubs have played more first-round matches than Aston Villa (4070), who will return to the Premier League next season after winning the playoff promotion. If you had to total the points you've earned over the decades, they would have 5897 so far.

4. Manchester United – Victories of 1810

Given its dominance of English football in the nineties and noughties, it is a bit surprising not to find Manchester United at the top of the list. The Red Devil's winning rate of 48% is unmatched by any side, however, and they also have far fewer losses (1040) than their counterparts on this list.

3. Everton – 1837 wins

No club has played more games in the history of the English Premier League than Everton, which has played 384 more matches than the closest teams, Arsenal and Liverpool. Likewise, no other team has proven defeat more often than the Toffees (1546).

2. Arsenal – 1886 wins

Arsenal have won a whopping 45% of their 4134 matches in the Premier League, but there are 50 top-flight wins.

1. Liverpool – 1936 wins

Hardly shocking that the club that until recently was the most decorated of the country should be at the top of this list. The Reds have won 46% of their games to date and are sure to be the first English club to win in 2000 league games.

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