Monday , October 18 2021

The Microsoft 5.3 launcher adds the improved weather widget, plus


Microsoft has released a small update to its Android launcher, adding a redesigned Weather widget and several other enhancements.

Unlike some recent updates to the Microsoft Launcher, such as 5.1, which added a set of features from Digital Health, Microsoft To-Do and Sticky Notes integration, Bing Mini-Answers and more, Microsoft Launcher 5.3 is a relatively minor release . The new digital marquee feature is a completely redesigned Weather widget, which is actually a Clock / Time widget, which now supports multiple locations.

Other new features include:

  • UX Refinements for the Home Screen, Dock, and Search widget
  • The task card now supports "My Day" and "Signed E-mails" from Microsoft To Do
  • The News tab now supports "Technology" as a news interest
  • Work profile clients can now access their work applications
  • Beta Community Link in Changed Settings for the Microsoft Tech Community

You can download Microsoft Launcher 5.3 from the Google Play Store.

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