The Internet Creator predicted the collapse of Facebook and Google


Создатель интернета предсказал крах Facebook and Google

The creator of the global computer network, Berners-Lee, has suggested the impending collapse of large online corporations such as Google and Facebook. The reason for the collapse can become the concentration of money and power in the hands of a major concern and its inevitable monopoly in the market. Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook have a combined market capitalization of $ 3.7 million, equal to Germany's GDP last year.

"Sooner or later this leads to the dominance of a company in the market and other alternatives, in addition to the collapse, there simply is not" – said the scientist.

Berners-Lee, the computer scientist who invented the Web in 1989, said he was disappointed with the current state of the Internet after scandals over the abuse of personal data and the use of social networks to spread hatred.

In his interview, he mentioned that technology every year is advancing more and that can be a problem for technology giants like Google and Facebook. In their view, the death of these services can result in a sudden change of preferences and queries from users of various online platforms and services.

"We need to distinguish between the dissolution of the Corporation, because the small player expelling it from the market, or the really new technology, has given rise to a change in the market," said Berners-Lee.

In addition, the professor expressed his dissatisfaction with the scandal with Facebook, when the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica received personal data from 87 million users of the social network.

This scandal, he said, was a turning point for many. "I am disappointed with the current state of the Internet," he said.

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