The board game receives a trailer with images of the game


Bloodborne: The Board Game gets Hunters back to Yharnam with a new trailer before the Kickstarter launch next week.

In preparation for the start of next week's Kickstarter campaign, Cool Mini or Not (CMON) has released a trailer for the upcoming Bloodborne: The Board Game. The trailer combines video game footage with a 3D representation of the board game to show that developers are close to the source material. It's a cool effect that you can see for yourself below.

Bloodborne: The Board Game is a miniature-based dungeon crawler that uses deckbuilding to facilitate character growth seen in FromSoftware games. Each character starts with the same generic deck and slowly gains new cards that will change how they can fight in each situation. These new cards come in the form of new weapons and updated skill cards. The upgrade path seems very recognizable to video game players.

The designers chose to use the mechanics of building cards as a way to mitigate luck. Many dungeon trackers use dice for combat, which introduces this element of luck. At the Bloodborne video game, you never lose luck. You made a choice to be reckless or to misinterpret your enemy and paid the price. Going to a card system, developers expect to force players into similar situations in the board game.

CMON is turning to the talents of Michael Shinall and Eric M. Lang for this project. Shinall's earlier credits include Rum and bones (an attempt to make a MOBA board game) and Xenoshyft: Onslaught (another deckbuilder). Lang made successes as Rising sun and Blood clothand. In addition, he also developed 2016 Bloodborne: The Card Game. If someone can make a board game that captures the spirit of Bloodborneare these two.

Bloodborne: The Board GameThe Kickstarter starts on April 23, 2019.


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