Student accused of raping woman with cucumber or zucchini


A 23-year-old man was accused of raping a young woman using cucumber or zucchini.

The alleged offense occurred in February of last year. The accused appeared at a hearing in the Cork District Court chamber shortly after noon today.

Garda Annemarie Fitzgerald accused him of four counts in court.

Sgt. Gearoid Davis said that the director of the Public Prosecutor's Office ordered the case against him to be tried in the Central Criminal Court or that, if the defendant so wished, he could file a signed plea of ​​guilty.

Defense attorney Frank Buttimer, who represented the defendant in free legal aid because he is a student and without income, said a signed plea for guilt would not arise and that a book of evidence would be needed.

Judge Olann Kelleher suspended the case until July 17 to allow time for the book of evidence.

Garda Fitzgerald said there was no objection to the accused being jailed.

Certain conditions were necessary, including that the accused should sign regularly at his local police station and that he should not have contact with the alleged injured party, directly or indirectly.

Judge Kelleher explained to the young man that the latter condition included not having contact with her through Facebook or other social media.

The rape count refers to an alleged sexual assault on the young woman using a cucumber or a courgette on an unknown date in February 2018, Sgt. Sgt. Gearid Davis said in court.

Other charges claim that on March 31, 2018 he assaulted her by causing damage to her because of a parking lot of the church in Co Cork on two occasions at that time, and that he falsely arrested her in a car in several places on the same date.

The alleged rape occurred on an unknown date between February 1 and February 28, 2018 at an address in the city of Cork.


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