Pregnant women will receive a new blood test after study that may reduce the risk of complications in a room


PRe-eclampsia is suspected in about 10 percent of UK pregnancies, affecting approximately 80,000 women annually. If left untreated, it can progress to cause complications in the woman, including damage to vital organs, seizures and can be fatal for both the woman and the baby.

In response to the trial, NHS England announced that it would be making the test more widely available throughout the NHS.

Professor Tony Young, national clinical leader for innovation at NHS England, said: "This groundbreaking blood test, as set forth in this new study, helps determine the risks of preeclampsia in pregnancy by allowing women to be directed to appropriate care or reduce unnecessary worry more quickly.

"The NHS, with partners in government, will be making this test more widely available throughout the NHS as part of our plans to ensure that as many patients as possible can benefit from world-class health innovations."

Professor Chappell said: "Evidence shows that generalized PlGF tests can save lives and it's terrific news that NHS England agrees." Many tests were implemented without a robust evaluation, this time we evaluated this new test and showed that it improves care ". and results for pregnant women and their babies. "


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