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Passengers at risk as pilots forced to fly tired and sick & # 39;


Willie O & # 39; Dea, from Fianna Fáil. Photo: Gareth Chaney, Collins
Willie O & # 39; Dea, from Fianna Fáil. Photo: Gareth Chaney, Collins
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Philip Ryan

Airline pilots are taking "uncomfortable risks" and putting passengers at risk due to false self-employment contracts, said Fianna Fail TD Willie O & Dea.

O'DeA said there are "significant safety issues" for passengers boarding the aircraft this summer because pilots are being forced to work when they are sick because they fear they will lose their contracts.

Fianna Fail's employment affairs spokeswoman also said that pilots in stand-alone contracts do not raise safety concerns with employers over uncertainty surrounding their employment.

"There are significant safety issues as a result of this agreement, as contract pilots are less encouraged to voice security concerns and feel more compelled to take uncomfortable risks," O & # 39; Dea told the Sunday Independent.

"They are also more inclined to go to work when they are sick and get more tired at work.This is an extreme example of a pernicious problem that has taken over large sectors of our employment. false self – employment in Europe and yet the government is refusing to do anything about it, "he added.

Mr. Dea was speaking after a meeting of the Oireachtas Employment Affairs Committee last week that he heard about the dangers of hiring pilots on fake auto employment contracts.

At the hearing, President Evan Cullen, President of the Irish Pilot Association (IALPA), raised serious concerns about the impact of contracts that pilots are being forced to sign for major airlines.

Cullen even said that some female drivers are terminating their pregnancy because they are afraid of losing their jobs.

Mr. Cullen detailed research that found that pilots in stand-alone contracts were far more likely to take risks and ignore security concerns.

He said they are also less likely to report fatigue before flying.

He said the pilots of these contracts struggled to get mortgages and bank loans.

After hearing Evan's evidence, O 'Dea said he would not go abroad for his summer vacation due to concerns about the safety of the planes.

Yesterday, the Fianna Fail TD said "fake accounting arrangements" are being forced on pilots who want to be hired by airlines.

"There are false accounting arrangements in which pilots are forced to become directors of the company, but there is no contact between any of the other directors and they are not even told who they are," he said.

"Corporate law requiring an AGA at least once a year is being disregarded and the implications are not being explained to the" hired "pilots. They can be prosecuted for unlimited amounts of money," he added.

"I am proposing legislation to deal with the pervasive problem of self-employment that the government is delaying. Meanwhile, false self-employment is a phenomenon that is spreading to all business areas.

"I think it's costing about 100 million euros a year in employers' PRSI. What's happening in the air transport sector is just one example of what's happening." Currently, about half of all pilots operating on Ireland are not directly employed by the airline to which they fly, "he added.

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