Neville summarizes Liverpool with three words Man Utd & # 39;


Date of publication: Monday, April 01, 2019 09:35

Gary Neville believes that "something is happening" at Liverpool, as it used to happen at Manchester United.

Liverpool returned to the top of the Premier League with a 2-1 win over Tottenham on Sunday in a match that resulted in 16 sexy conclusions.

Neville disagreed with Jamie Carragher that this was Liverpool's most difficult game, rather than aiming for upcoming trips to Southampton, Cardiff and Newcastle.

But the specialist admitted that Liverpool "has that feeling" that United used to use in their most dominant periods.

"For the first time this season, I felt like we were in the race – you can feel it at the end of the game," he told Sky Sports.

"Liverpool fans went crazy and you could see that excitement with Jurgen Klopp celebrating with Kop. If they win, it will be an incredible place to be. If they do not win, it will also be incredible in some ways because of tension, anxiety, and passion.

"A loss would have been a major blow – not terminal, but a major blow. A draw would not have been the worst result in the world because it is a difficult game and they will lose points on the way – there is no doubt about it.

"I do not think City will win every game, but if Tottenham had gone and scored, people would have talked about the collapse, and Liverpool beat him." It was a great victory.

"They were not at their best, Liverpool, and Tottenham solved the tactical side of things in the first half, where they only had problems with the narrow midfield, going out on the sidelines – Andy Robertson and Trent Alexander-Arnold. were running loose on those wings – Tottenham made a good game here and will be very disappointed.

"We used to say that in United: 'Something is happening'. You can not explain it. Tottenham seemed the most dangerous. Liverpool had some threat of throws, but not an open game. But if you can catch those last goals when the other team is more likely to score, you will get that feeling. Liverpool have not been at their best – they have not been against Fulham, but they have achieved the result and are in a good position.

"There is a long way to go. For all the passion and excitement shown, it's time for serenity and cool head, because they have six more. Probably one or two, they will easily win, but there will be three or four that will be so.

"That's not the end today – it's just the beginning of the race."


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