Mendes did not imagine herself as a mother before Gosling


Eva Mendes said she did not imagine herself as a mother until she met her longtime partner, actor Ryan Gosling.

The Hollywood actress began dating Gosling after meeting on the set of the film A place beyond the pines in 2011. They are now parents of two daughters, Esmeralda, age four, and Amada, two years old.

The 45-year-old star now revealed that she had not imagined herself a mother before meeting Gosling.

She said Women's Health magazine: "It was the furthest thing from my mind.

"Ryan Gosling happened, I mean, falling in love with him." So it made sense for me to have … not kids, but his kids.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling in a place beyond the pines

The American actress credited her family to help them when they had two children under two years of age.

"We have an incredible support group: Ryan's mother, my mother, Ryan and my sisters," she said.

"It's a village that has helped us.My heart goes to women who do it alone.I basically come from a single parent family, although I love my father, my mother almost raised four of us by herself."

Eva Mendes talks about motherhood in new interview

Mendes, who started his film career in the late 1990s and got his breakup in 2001 Training Day, said that motherhood has now taken on her Hollywood career.

She said, "I felt a lack of ambition if I could be honest. I feel more ambitious at home now than at work."

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