Leicester City owns a "phenomenal guy," says a colleague


Leicester City owns a "phenomenal guy," says a colleague

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The sports psychologist who worked in the Premier League winner season in Leicester City said that people do not know 10% of Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha for charity.

Ken Way acknowledged that he was silent after tears after hearing the news of the death of the Leicester owner after a helicopter crash after the team was 1-1.

He told reporters that they postpone the Southampton match, but the players and the grief of the city meant that Cardiff was "a return to horses" on Saturday.

Way Wayne says players such as goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel would have taken a lot of Srivaddhanaprabha's death because they "spent a lot of time on each other".

He talked about how he responded to Srivaddhanaprabha's death news, Mr. Way said, "I knew Vichai and I have to say I'm telling a few tears. He is such a phenomenal guy.

"It's hard. I think it's really hard to talk to someone I knew personally.

"I always remember as a psychotherapist who comes with a student who has lost his father for a year." I told her that the neurons live between the synaptic joints, and they live here. "

Young fans respect their respect at the Leicester City Football Club (Nigel French / PA)

Young fans respect their respect at the Leicester City Football Club (Nigel French / PA)

Young fans respect their respect at the Leicester City Football Club (Nigel French / PA)

He continued: "I fully understood the Southampton match, the Southampton match does not go ahead, I see why there is a chance to go back to the horse, hard, tough, it's out of the rain, not just in the city but in the players.

"All the stories about what he did, giving charity, donating money, do not think they know what he did by 10%.

"I talked to an educational institution on the outskirts of Leicester, went through the door, and there was a small plaque that" this building was built with the Vichai donations ".

"My wife is Thai and tells me all that we have experienced about it is exactly the same as in Bangkok. The guy is one.

Saying how Srivaddhanaprabha was in the club, Mr. Way said, "He was always there, but he never pressed it. One of the words I've described to people who do not know him and I understand that was not" impressive ".

"There's a guy who's a billionaire and he could throw his weight, but he never did it. He was such a nice, kind man.

"He and the players, especially Kasper (Schmeichel), spent a lot of time on each other."

He added, "Most importantly, his son, a fantastic guy, must grow in his father's shoes before the schedule."

Mr Srivaddhanaprabha's role in the Leicester Premier League victory was "Nigel Pearson was fantastic in building the Leicester culture. I think Leicester would have won the championship with Nigel.

"What he did (Claudio Ranieri), what I thought was fantastic, with four coaches and auxiliary staff appeared in the pre-season tour, he obviously thought he should be exchanged correctly, but what he did, I thought he was wonderful and sensed culture, positivity and nothing deed.

"One of them has disappeared, the other two have played a very important role in the peripheral rear seat. I have a parallel with Vichai.

"Claudio did not go in and mix things up and said he had to play my style, he said it was a winning style, let's continue.

"Vichai came in and said I did not have to change anything, I just had to do a little better. I think two of them were very symbiotic.


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