Latest opinion polls show conflicting results for major parties


Two polls show conflicting levels of support for major parties.

One says that Fianna Fáil is now more popular than Fine Gael – with another taking the government party 10 points ahead of its rivals.

The two polls released this evening show completely different results for major parties as Dáil breaks for Easter.

The Sunday Times / Behavior and Attitudes survey made Fianna Fáil jump four points to 29% support and exceed Fine Gael – which fell three to 28%.

But the Red C survey for the Sunday Business Post made Fine Gael rise from two to 33 percent – a total of 10 points more than Fianna Fáil, which dropped two.

The surveys also disagree on the level of support for Sinn Féin

B & A has the party of Mary Lou McDonald's rising from 2% to 21% – while the index is 1% to 14% in the Red C survey.

The mixed results reflect what many politicians still think – that we do not really know the shape of the major parties.

They can also pour more cold water on the odds of an impending general election – because while all parties may get something good out of these polls, there is something bad for everyone as well.


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