Lady Gaga Is Devestated To Be Guilty By Bradley Cooper Love Split


A star born fans hoping for a Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga novel looks set to disappoint.

According to a Hollywood source, Lady Gaga is "devastated" by being dragged into the breakup of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk.

Gaga was quick to nullify these rumors. Photo: Matt Petit / A.M.P.A.S. / REX / Shutterstock

Actor Bradley, 44, separated from Russian supermodel Irina, 33, after four years together earlier this month.

The pop star Gaga, also 33, starred alongside Bradley in the hit A Star Is Born, with the close relationship of the co-star sparking speculation about the romance between the two.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper in happier times. Photo by REX

It has also been speculated that the closeness between screen lovers cost Bradley his relationship with Irina.

Despite the gossip surrounding Gaga, a source has revealed that she is "devastated at being dragged into this division, and so publicly."

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper
Lady Gaga rejected suggestions that she caused the split. Pic: Rex

Speaking to Grazia Magazine, the source added, "She feels she's overcoming the work they've done in the movie, which is the last thing any of them wanted." Gaga does not want to be seen as the other woman.

They kept saying that close friends are not holding their friendship and plan to continue as they were.

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have an unusually close relationship. Photo: Ed Herrera via Getty Images

"They are inflexible and should be kept because what they built with the film and their relationship is precious."


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