Kim Kardashian's response to Ray J's claims about his past sex life is an epic retrograde


Ray J is trying to get Kardashian's attention again. Kim K's ex-boyfriend has a story of lying about his old relationship with Kardashian, and now he's back. The sun that she had the most diva-like tendencies when they had sex. Kim being Kim, however, of course, commented on her ex's allegations, and Kim Kardashian's response to Ray J's allegations about her past sex life set the right path quickly.

Ray J's Comments The sun supposedly made during a night in London on Thursday, 1 November. "Kim and I had fun times – marathons," he told the store. "But she did not like being sweaty and would stop to do it." First of all, ew, Ray J. It was what, almost a decade since he and Kardashian dated? (The singer is Kim K's ex with whom she recorded sex tape that helped her get to stardom.) Same as the claim that she would stop in the middle of the sex to fix the makeup (which I really, really the doubt is true), it is really disgusting that he is telling the media these "details" about his past sex life. He's just an idiot, man.

And he did not stop there. He kept telling her that Kardashian would answer Kris Jenner's calls and need to make sure the lighting was right at all times during sex. "She liked to look doped during sex, the right lighting, set the mood," said Ray J. "She was wild – there was a red Louis Vuitton sex toy chest."

Did you think it was made? Of course he was not! Ray J added, "She ordered pizza, the only thing that did not work was Crystal cooled to 22 degrees … her mother called and she almost always got it," and then he claimed she spends almost $ 100 a year on Boy, I've had enough.

And Kim too! A fan tweeted about Ray J's comments, and Kardashian tweeted back ensuring that the fan she needed to pay Ray J would not mind.

"RayJ constantly revealing all those intimate details about @KimKardashian shows that he is suffering from low self-esteem! Waiting for Kanye to ignore his a **," said a Twitter user.

"Or shows that he's a pathological liar," Kardashian tweeted back with laughing emoticons. "Do you really believe this story? It's very funny to me!" And there you have it. Do not worry about how Kim is taking this Ray J B.S., everyone. She's doing great! In the now immortal words of Ariana Grande: Thank you, then.

This is not the first time Ray J tries to get all the fame out of his old relationship with Kim Kardashian. Leave us Never forget his 2013 song "I Hit It First," which he claims over the years is not about Kardashian, despite the obvious references to her and Kanye West in the lyrics. The lyrics "I Hit It First" literally say, "She can move to rappers and ballplayers, but we all know I hit first," then he sings, "But now the baby has chosen to go west." Go west. Go. West The cover of the song is also a pixelated image of what appears to be Kim Kardashian. The pixelation can also be seen as a nod to the cover art of Kanye West My beautiful twisted dark fantasy.

According The sunWhen Kanye West and Kim Kardashian talked at the November 1 party in London, Ray J would have said "I hit first!" to the crowd. Ray J, let's not pretend that this song is not exactly who we think it is. Thank you, next!


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