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Jamie Dornan, star of Fifty Shades, explains why he almost rejected the role of Christian Gray

Fifty Shades star Jamie Dornan admitted that he almost refused his role as Christian Gray.

Dornan is known to fans around the world for his role in Fifty Shades franchise. The films quickly proved to be a box office hit, but the actor now shared that he hesitated to take the role because he had the feeling that the films would be critically criticized. And it's safe to say they were.

"It's very strange, to be honest," explained Dornan about Jay Rayner Out to lunch podcast.

"You are gifted with this incredible opportunity that will have a great impact on your life and change many things – to be honest mainly financially, but also career, will open so many doors – but you know you will be panned.

Fifty Tons Darkest Trailer 2 Jamie Dornan


"You are trying to do your best and do your best, but we knew this because the books were adored by many, bought by many, but criticized by many … [it was] it will probably be the same for the movies.

"They are a great joy to be a part of, and a crazy journey to continue, but also above all, they are just a job. It is just a film set, not unlike any other film set, it is just simulating more sex, "he added.

During the podcast, Jamie also said that there were many things he thought "gross" about Christian Gray.

"I do not think I'm going to play a character who is less like me," he added – yes, he is including The fall character, serial killer Paul Spector, in that statement.

Jamie Dornan in the fall of the BBC

Helen SloanBBC

Last year, Jamie definitely threw the back for more Fifty Shades movies, before adding that he was "too interested" to move from the character who made him a household name.

Recently, we discovered that The Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, also known as Tyrion Lannister, helped his friend Dornan figure out his remarks for the remakes of the final film while the pair were filming. My dinner with Hervé.

"I read some of the scripts in our dressing room," Dinklage said. "I went in, he had to do some Fifty Shades and I would help you learn lines.

"I read the parts of Dakota Johnson." I was helping a friend learn lines.

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