Irish actress Fiona Shaw says Brexit is "a nightmare"


Irish actress Fiona Shaw of London described Brexit as "a nightmare that should never have happened" in the UK.

Shaw, who stars in popular TV shows Killing eve and Fleabag and is well known for playing Petunia Dursley at Harry Potter movies, said she could not see any positive results from Brexit.

Talking to Press Association, she said, "Brexit is just a nightmare that should never have happened to that country, but it's very sad and I really can not see anything good about it."

Fiona Shaw on eve killing

When asked if she felt sorry for the British Prime Minister Theresa May, Shaw replied: "I'm sorry for the country, I'm sorry for the poverty in the country that should have been addressed before, I'm sorry that the wrong people are being blamed for this and I'm very sorry that we somehow offend our neighbors. "

Shaw will return soon to the TV screens for the second series of the drama of Phoebe Waller Bridge Killing eve.


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