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How to use lightning three times in Mario Kart Tour

A guide for how to use lightning three times in Mario Kart Tour; a challenge which requires you to purposefully suck.

Mario Kart Tour has been out since September 25th and has become the biggest mobile launch as well as the biggest sham in some people's eyes thanks to its £ 39 priced Diddy Kong pack and gold pass subscription fee. But, if you don't care about all that controversy with the possession of a gold pass as proof, then below you can find out how to complete the 'use lightning three times' challenge.

Nintendo has kicked off the game's Tokyo tour event which culminates on October 22nd at 22:59 EN. The event has introduced Space Princess Rosalina as well as Rainbow Road, in addition to a Japanese-themed cosmetic for Nintendo's most iconic mascot.

The 'use lightning three times' challenge may be alien to every self-proclaimed champion on the internet who tell cry babies to simply "git gud," so the below guide will tell you how to possess the power of Zeus.

How to use lightning in Mario Kart Tour

You do not need to panic about completing this challenge in a race as even Nintendo are not that demanding. All you need to worry about instead is how many races you'll have to purposefully throw like a professional driver who has betted thousands of gold coins on finishing dead last.

This is because you will have to be positioned behind the vast majority of bots in order to be gifted with the power of lightning from Zeus. Driving in last place will significantly increase your odds of attaining this rare item so everything you possibly can to be last but not too far behind the competition.

Crash into walls, fall to your death, take your eyes off the road by playing another mobile game, essentially whatever it takes to suck. Keep picking up item boxes along the way and you should attain lightning soon enough.

Like Thor when he simply bashes his hammer into the ground, you won't need to worry about aiming the lightning will automatically hit a Mario Kart Tour competitor in front of you. This will turn them small and slow so you can race on ahead of them.

It's impossible to say just how many races you'll purposefully have to suck at to complete the challenge, but hopefully it won't take you too long.

Mario Kart Tour is available on iOS and Android.

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