Sunday , April 18 2021

Here are some of the bizarre requests that Travelodge has received from some of their guests

Strange requests from Travelodge hotel guests apparently included a cat bunk and a duvet for a Ferrari.

The Travelodge says it receives thousands of odd requests every year in its chain of sites, which includes 12 in Ireland.

One guest also asked if his horse could stay in the room, while another wanted to stop the planes that flew over the hotel at night so he could sleep.

The budget hotel chain has revealed some of the most bizarre requests from its 19 million customers at one of the UK's 553 hotels in the last 12 months.

Shakila Ahmed, a spokeswoman for Travelodge, said: "Whenever possible, teams go beyond to help customers. They like a good challenge.

"However, there are some requests that they can not help, such as: arranging dolphins dancing in Lands End and to snow."

Here are some of the bizarre requests.

  • Fill a room with 100 heart-shaped pink balloons for her grandmother's 100th birthday, which says "Happy Birthday Grandma Gladys"
  • Fill the tub with ice cream balls with different flavor for the 40th anniversary of a guest's wife
  • Organize dolphins to dance in the sea at the same time that a client proposes to his girlfriend
  • Four hotel employees to dress like the Beatles to perform at a friend's wedding of a guest
  • A Mariachi band to perform at Severn Bridge for the anniversary of a customer's husband
  • Snow on the morning of a wedding so that the guest could have "a white wedding"
  • Hotel staff to stand in line at Windsor Castle during the night to maintain a place for a guest to attend the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan

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