Gardaí looking for more 24-hour armed support units


Rank and file Gardaí is seeking a twenty-four-hour armed support unit in all divisions of the country to deal with violent crime.

Delegates will gather in Killarney, County Kerry, tonight, for the annual conference of the Association of Representatives of Garda.

The Association says that resources, equipment, training and accommodation are among the issues that concern the population of Gardaí.

Gardaí, who police the border, are particularly concerned about the dangers of the increasing number of ATM assaults because they suspect members of at least one of the gangs also participated in the murder of Detective Garda Adrian Donohoe during an operation at the Credit Union Sirs in 2013 .

They say they are not satisfied that they have the resources to deal with these criminal gangs.

They are demanding the establishment of a twenty-four-hour armed support unit in each Garda Division, rather than currently in each Region, indicating that the border region extends from northern Donegal to the east of Louth.

In light of recent evictions and paramilitary marches, Gardaí said there is potential for an increase in public disorder and is seeking a full-time full-time public resources unit in the capital, such as the London Metropolitan Police.

The current unit of Garda, they say, operates exclusively on overtime and people are calling in the short term.

And on the issue of road policing, Gardaí are seeking clear guidance on when to use handcuffs when arresting people to drive drunk.


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