Gardai believes that losing the Lithuanian woman Giedre Raguckaite was drugged, raped and murdered


A woman who came to Ireland to start a new life became drugged, sexually assaulted and murdered, gardai believes.

Giedre Raguckaite, 29, is believed to have been evicted from a jeep by two suspects from his homeland, Lithuania. Your body is still missing.

Yesterday, Gardai sought a house in Laytown, Co Meath, for Ms Raguckaite, who was last seen on May 29.

It is believed that she was drugged and taken unconscious to the property and placed in an ice bath to revive her.

Witnesses gave gardai crucial information about what happened in the house, the Irish Mirror learned.

They claim she was taken from the bath and placed in a bed where she would have been raped.

Giedre Raguckaite

Two men took her from the bungalow in a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser and abandoned her body.

It is not known whether she was killed at home or shortly before her body was thrown away.

One source said, "This poor girl is known to have met a violent death. Gardai has two suspects and follows a definite line of investigation. She was a vulnerable girl.

"She was taken advantage of by these two suspects. One of the men is a serious criminal involved in international organized crime and is being held for another crime. "

The family renting the property has now been inadvertently caught up in the horror case.

Raguckaite is rumored to have come to Ireland in April to look for work.

At this stage, there is no indication that she was the victim of human trafficking.

She was reported missing for gardai on behalf of her family by a member of the Lithuanian community living in Dundalk, Co Louth, on 22 August.

Her last known address was on the College Heights property in the city, but she moved on May 23.

What she did in the next six days is crucial to the investigation.

In an appeal for information yesterday, Superintendent Gerry Curley said Raguckaite's last sighting was in the company of two men in a house on the Beach Grove property in Laytown around 11 pm on May 29.

He added, "We are concerned about the condition she was at that stage when she was taken home.

Ms Raguckaite was last seen in the company of two men in this house in Laytown, Co Meath on May 29 of this year.

"Giedre was not seen leaving home, but we are pleased that she left the house and the other two men left home in the early hours of May 30, 2018. She has not been seen since."

The Garda Technical Department conducted an examination of the property yesterday.

The two Lithuanian men with whom she was seen were interviewed by gardai. Garda said that Raguckaite has always maintained regular contact with his family and friends.

Supt Curley added: "We believe that his disappearance is involuntary and we are seeking assistance from the public, particularly from the Lithuanian community.

"We believe she may have stayed in the Dundalk area with other people during this time.

"We are very anxious to talk to someone who provided accommodation for Giedre during the period from 23 to 29 May or anyone who has knowledge of his whereabouts." An incident room was set up under Detective Martin Beggy and investigations resulted in the investigation. being declared a murder last week.

A liaison officer of the Garda family was appointed.

Dundalk Station Garda

Since the morning of May 30, Ms Raguckaite's telephone and social accounts have not been used.

Gardai has conducted more than 170 lines of investigation – including liaison with the PSNI, UK police forces, Interpol, the Lithuanian Police Force and the Lithuanian Embassy.

Ms Raguckaite moved to Ireland from England to seek work, however, she has no relations here. His mother is dead and his last contact with his family was a phone call to his 58-year-old father in Lithuania at 18:35 on May 29. She has two sisters who live in Italy and Cyprus.

Raguckaite's childhood friend, Gedvile Hibner, yesterday begged those responsible "to guide us to where the body is." She said, "I hope these vile creatures will be punished for the rest of their lives."

Gardai appealed to anyone with information to contact them at Dundalk on 042 938 8400, at the Confidential Line of Garda at 1800 666 111 or at any station in Garda.


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