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Emmerdale spoilers: Jane Cox reveals the aftermath of Lisa's tragic death


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Emmerdale's bosses gave us time to prepare for this, having revealed the terminal illness of Lisa Dingle (Jane Cox) last month in moving episodes. But what comes next no one can prepare.

While they are eyeing the exact moment we lose Lisa, it will not be too difficult, as she and Zak (Steve Halliwell) exchange votes at a last-minute ceremony.

But when Lisa finally dies, there will be a huge hole in the family and the Dingles will be looking for a new head of the family. Actress Jane Cox thinks she knows who's going to fill her shoes.

"I do not think Lisa thought about putting the cloak on, but I think Lydia is a great person for that," she said. "I can see her and Sam in that role. Lydia has a maternal feeling similar to her character Lisa, and the actress is wonderful, she and Jim Hooten together are fantastic.

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'I'd like to see Lydia and Sam more prominent and little Samson is so good, I thought about it when I watched. Lydia has that kind of empathy as a character.

Lisa is not cold yet and she's already being replaced! Hiccup.

Actor Steve Halliwell also revealed what's next for Zak after losing to his wife, and one thing he's sure of is that he will not replace Lisa in her love life.

"For me, I do not think so," he said. "Like me, the stress of another relationship, I'm single in my life now and do not want to have a new relationship one by one, it's very exhausting!" Zak will be in a similar mood, "I will take care of my family, pub and have a quiet life ".

He added that Zak will not hold out well when Lisa eventually dies, as the program will exploit her mourning.

"It's not okay," he said when asked how Zak would deal with death. "The purpose of death is something that we all experience at some point, unfortunately, but it is good to show caring people and one of them dying will happen to the vast majority of people.

"If you live long enough, you will lose someone, so exploiting grief is a good thing for millions of people watching."

"He will have to find a way," he added. 'Like most of us, you need to think about the family, there are still people who need you. I'm sure that will be part of that. But he himself had his breakdowns nervous, I'm not sure what they will do, we'll see.

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