Eamonn Holmes breaks as he renders emotional tribute to Ruth Langsford's sister


Eamonn Holmes paid an emotional tribute to his wife's sister, Ruth Langsford, who died tragically yesterday.

The presenter was in his usual time on Friday but without his wife who canceled his television appearances after the sad news that his sister Julia Johnson had died after a long illness.

Eamonn collapsed in tears as she read Ruth's social media ad talking fondly of her sister, letting Rylan intervene and continue as her voice broke.

The presenter revealed that Rylan was the first person he called after Ruth discovered the news saying he was a great supporter of his wife and family.

Eamonn Holmes collapsed while talking about the death of his sister-in-law

Ruth, 59, asked her followers to understand how she announced that she would be spending time on TV.

She was close due to being on the screen next to her husband Eamonn today as the duo usually present this morning on Fridays.

However, Eamonn explained that Ruth was watching from home instead.

"You may already be aware of the terrible mourning that Ruth had yesterday," he said.

"No one understands more than Rylan, which was a great comfort to Ruth and came on the scene today," Eamonn said.

"Rylan was the first person we called when I heard the news, he's a great supporter," he added.

Ruth and her sister Julia

Ruth shared the tragic news on Instagram, posting a beautiful photo of her and her sister together.

She said: "My lovely Sis Julia sadly died after a very long illness. My heart is completely broken. She was the kindest and kindest soul and I will miss you forever. As I am sure you will appreciate I need time to crying with my family.Thank you for your understanding. "

Julia was 62 when she was found dead at home.

Ruth with her mother and sister

A source told The Sun: "Ruth is completely devastated and devastated to have discovered that her beloved sister Julia has died.

"She loved Julia. They were very close – talking all the time on the phone and enjoying the days of girls.

"Julia got sick for a while, but that shook Ruth to the core.

Eamonn explained that Ruth was watching from home

"Eamonn and her son Jack are comforting her at home, but Ruth is in deep shock. It's absolutely painful for the whole family."

Julia worked as a gardener and lived in Surrey with her husband Paul and his daughter Katie, 35.

She had been suffering from depression for several years and had spoken about it publicly.


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