Debbie Dingle of Emmerdale beats Kim Tate as she confronts Joe Tate lies


Emmerdale Thursday night Debbie Dingle vowed revenge on Kim Tate for all the trouble she had caused – and then released her own fury in the form of a violent slap in the face.

Kim (Claire King) has been stirring problems in the village and collecting new enemies for weeks, but tonight (April 4) saw Debbie (Charley Webb) added to the list as she asked her father, Cain (Jeff Hordley) to take revenge on Kim .

In addition to encouraging Graham (Andrew Scarborough) to lead Cain to believe that he had killed Joe in the first place, Kim later took things a step further when Cain learned the truth by trying to blackmail him to sleep with her in order to avoid he to be sent to the crime anyway.

Although Cain did not get through this, Kim let out to Moira (Natalie J Robb) that they had slept together, causing even more trouble for the Dingles.

So it's no surprise that Debbie finally decided it was enough tonight, and left for Home Farm to get some answers from Graham.

"I was going to be his wife, was that what he told me he wanted or was a lie?" Debbie demanded. "Why did not you tell me? Why did not you tell me he was alive all this time?"

"You have the right to be angry, but I had to make a choice to whom I would be loyal," Graham replied. "If he stayed, he would have been a dead man, so … I think his life meant more to me than to his."

Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale


With Debbie still furious with the situation and Graham's cold demeanor, she then spoke to Cain and asked how he could let Kim get away with all this after all she did.

"I just want this to end," Debbie said, and despite admitting that he promised Moira that he would stay away from Kim, he promised to classify the situation for his daughter.

"I'm the one who started all this," he replied. "Then I'll deal with Kim."

Cain Dingle and Kim Tate in Emmerdale


Before he had a chance to deal with anything, however, Cain, Debbie and Moira met Kim outside the pub, and Kim wasted no time in rolling the Dingles one more time.

"Ah Cain, are you going to tell Debbie the truth, or should I?" Kim started. "You should pretend to be the big villain, right?" "Except Debbie knows." If Joe really loved her, he would have stayed. "

"You got nothing," Debbie sniffed after delivering an all-powerful slap on Kim's face.

"And what you have?" Kim shot back.

"Family, which is more than you," replied Debbie. "You're not going to ruin anyone's life anymore.

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Viewers were happy to see everything fall as well:

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