Costa Coffee officially banned children under 16 from buying caffeinated beverages


An interesting move.

Teens love coffee.

Not necessarily an espresso, but the tastiest drinks like Vanilla Frappes and the likes.

However, if you are under 16, you can not buy coffee on the Coast anymore.

The coffee chain gave staff the power to decide whether or not to serve certain beverages for children under the age of 16.

This decision comes after a number of supermarket chains banned the sale of energy drinks for school-aged children.

Costa Coffee has more than 2,400 branches worldwide, so change can change the way many nations consume coffee.

Or at least the younger population.

coffee coast

Some Costa sites have already started asking customers for ID, which is pretty wild.

One parent recently spoke to the Bristol Post about how her 12-year-old daughter was denied service when she tried to order an iced coffee from a Costa coffee in Wales

"I had never heard of Costa doing this before, his older sister had already bought their own drinks on the Coast before," he said.

"This is an occasional pleasure rather than drinking coffee regularly and many Costa drinks seem to be geared towards younger people."

"If they are concerned about health, then possibly They should also stop selling high-calorie cakes or drinks to overweight children because obesity is a much more serious health problem in this country than caffeine consumption, "he concluded.

What do you think of this ban?



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