Friday , July 30 2021

Coronavirus: See how Wales defines ‘essential items’ that can be purchased in stores | UK News

All stores selling non-essential items were ordered to close in Wales after the country entered a 17-day “fire break” block on Friday.

The measures mean that stores like supermarkets and newsstands can remain open, but can only sell products that the government considers essential.

Some Welsh customers were confused by the measures – with a customer pointing out that he could not buy baby clothes at his local Tesco, but could get a bottle of vodka.

But now ministers have released a new list of what you can (and cannot) buy during the blockade.

Products such as cups and plates are seen behind a barrier at Tesco in Pengam Green
Products like cups and plates are seen behind a barrier at Tesco in Pengam Green

What are the “essential items” that stores can sell?

The Welsh government said that, “to maintain equal conditions of competition,” stores should not be allowed to sell products sold by a store whose closure has been ordered.

He originally launched a list, but it generated some anger among customers, so the most recent list says that supermarkets can sell:

  • Food and drink
  • Auxiliary products for the sale of food and beverages, mainly disposable items used for food preparation and storage (such as aluminum foil, food bags and plastic wrap), but also basic products needed to prepare and eat food and drinks
  • Products for washing and cleaning and maintaining the home, including batteries, lamps and fuel
  • Toiletries and cosmetics, including toilet paper and sanitary products
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Baby products, including equipment, clothing and diapers
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Stationery and greeting cards
  • Pet food and other pet supplies
  • Bicycle and automobile maintenance products

The government also says that a “sensible system should be introduced” to allow customers to purchase “non-essential items by exception”.

“We will continue to have discussions with supermarkets in the coming days on how this will be implemented in stores across Wales,” said a spokesman.

Can closed stores deliver?

All services on the government list, whether or not they are required to be closed, have the right to continue to use their facilities for delivery purposes.

This means that they can use their facilities to manage the sale, rental or delivery of goods or services.

What about click and collect services?

The Welsh government has said that only stores with permission to open can continue to offer click-and-collect services, and those services should only be available for items that are allowed to be sold in the store when possible.

The government added that it recognizes that some online services will not be able to differentiate between different categories of goods and, under these circumstances, it would not be proportionate to stop all click and collect services, as the impact of this would likely increase the number of people going to stores personally.

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