Corden says that actors "chubby" exclude romantic roles


James Corden said that "chubby or chubby" actors are excluded from the leading romantic roles on TV and in the movies.

O Late Late Show host spoke with actor David Tennant on his podcast, David Tennant makes a podcast with, where he said that bigger actors are, at best, chosen as the funny friend.

He said, "If you watch only television or movies, if an alien comes back and they take a read on planet Earth just watching movies or TV, they would imagine that if you're chubby or fat or big, you'll never fall in love, you never do sex.

"Certainly no one really finds you attractive. You will be a good friend to people who are attractive and will often feel great comfort to them and maybe come in contact with the strange joke once in a while."

The 40-year-old TV star who co-created the hit sitcom Gavin and StaceyHe said that being excluded from these types of roles led him to write.

"It seemed that if the entertainment world were a big banquet table, people would say," There's no place for you here ".

"I was like," If this is not going to happen, I'll try to make something happen for me. "

James Corden encouraged the creation of Gavin & Stacey as he was being excluded from roles

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