Saturday , October 23 2021

Cats should increase the game to match Galway


Galway and Kilkenny are in Sydney this week, battling for the inaugural Wild Geese Trophy in their roles as the last two champions of the Allianz Hurling League.

Kilkenny striker Ger Aylward is one of Under Under's men and he insists that the nature of the opposition means Sunday's showdown will not be a normal preseason performance.

"We were there doing this for a few years and now Galway is doing it," he said of the provincial dominance of the Tribes in the last two seasons.

"We have to get back to the standard where Galway has been in the last two years.

"This is the start of the new season in terms of trying to do that and we hope we can push it again in 2019.

"There will be no friendlies, we will take this very seriously, as they will too. I hope we get the win and we will be back in two years."

Aylward scored a goal in the Leinster final for Galway in July and he is encouraged by his battles with Micheal Donoghue's men and eventual Irish champion Limerick.

"There is very little between the teams. We were very close to Galway in the Leinster Final and we did a good race in the replay."

"We could have Limerick piper. They did very well to go back and get that point at the end that pushed them.

"There is not much between us. If we can get a little more this year, we hope we can go to the end."

Glenmore Man had a frustrating time with injuries following a discovery season in 2015 that ended with the Liam MacCarthy and All-Star prize in the mantel.

A cruciate ligament injury in January 2016 was followed by hamstring and shoulder problems that limited his playing time, but he is now fully fit and eager to go.

"The year 2015 was a great season," reflected the 26-year-old. "I'm trying to get back to this now because I have not been there for two years.

"The tendon went straight the minute I came back.I almost took it out of the bone.That was six weeks later.And then I did my shoulder.It was just all kinds of difficulties after coming back from the knee.

"I hope everything is fine now again. I'm doing well and I hope I can be right for next season, touching wood.

"I have to focus first on getting my place on the panel and then driving it from there. I hope this year now I can have a good race again."

See highlights of Galway v Kilkenny in the Wild Geese Trophy game on RTÉ2 at 8pm on Sunday 11 November

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