Anger like PwC & # 39; paid twice for the same job & # 39;


The TDs claim there was a "major conflict of interest" at PwC twice advising on the construction of the children's hospital and said that the financial company was "paid twice for the same job."

The members of the Public Accounts Committee criticized the use of the company to advise the heads of health on the construction and later to evaluate the problems related to the escalation of costs for the project.

PAC President Sean Fleming said HSE officials and Health Department officials will be taken to cross-examination to get to the bottom of the issue.

PwC had advised health authorities last November on the second phase of hospital construction and helped assess whether a new hire would be hired or whether BAM's builders would still be retained.

However, after the uproar of a dramatic increase in project costs – now estimated at € 1.7 billion – the government ordered this year a revision of the hospital construction bill.

PwC was hired at a cost of nearly half a million euros to do so.

But in recent correspondence to the PAC, it appears that they had a dual role, which included the previous advice to the health authorities.

Mr. Fleming insisted that there was a "major conflict of interest" and that PwC was maintained twice in just a few months. The company was "paid twice for the same job," argues the president.

David Cullinane, of Sinn Féin, also agreed that there is a "breathtaking conflict of interest" to be investigated. He also wants the HSE to present exactly what the PwC was paid for and wants to know if the same individuals were kept for both jobs.

Independent TD Catherine Connolly said she wants to know if the government was aware that PwC had done the previous job at the hospital before being retained for the most recent cost review.

Social-Democratic co-leader Catherine Murphy also agrees that there was a "conflict of interest" and that there seems to be a "double pay" for PwC for the same job essentially.

If there is a conflict of interest, this causes "corruption of a process," argues the PAC member.

HSE chiefs wrote to the committee in recent days denying that there was a conflict of interest for PwC in its role of consulting on the stages of construction as well as the cost escalation for the project.


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