AirPods and Wireless Headphones Can Cause Cancer?


Just when you thought that AirPods and wireless headphones were the cleanest technology (read: low-risk radiation exposure) of the lot, think again …

A new report, as published in Medium, unveiled AirPods and wireless earphones are not as safe as we initially thought, with the University of Colorado confirming its close connection of placement so it can expose the boss to cancer or other serious neurological conditions.

While we have gradually made a conscious shift towards "clean hygiene," "clean sleep" hygiene, switching to "clean technology," and avoiding "dirty electricity" (electric pollution), it has been slow to gain attention. And from the technical information we are aware of, it generally tends to fall into a basic tendency to move away from the use of microwaves and headphones.

But now, despite our conscious effort to switch to a more "supposedly safe" "clean technology" product using AirPods and wireless headphones, everything may be in vain with researchers suggesting their connection to cancer.


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In the analysis, Jerry Phillips, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Colorado, revealed:My concern with AirPods is that their placement in the ear canal exposes the tissues of the head to relatively high levels of radiofrequency radiation. "

But before you get back to Apple, know that this is not AirPod's problem, with Phillips confirming the impact on human health as a result of radio frequencies (EMFs) far beyond AirPods for wireless phones, cell towers, radio, Wi-Fi and cell phones.

And, despite the serious nature of the problem, it is still not getting attention in the mainstream. A petition, presented in 2015 and signed by 250 environmental scientists in 40 countries, was United Nations and World Health Organization calling for better protection and further studies on increasing exposure to "non-ionizing electromagnetic fields" [EMF] and stating the risk to humans and animal health. "

What exactly are dangerous EMFs and how should we be concerned?

According to the National Institute of Environmental Sciences, EMFs "are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, which are associated with the use of electrical energy and various forms of natural and artificial light."


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Within EMFs there are two types of knowledge – non-ionizing (low level radiation and harmless to humans) and ionizing (high level radiation with potential for cellular and DNA damage).

According to the mass research presented to the UN by leading scientists, the potential dangerous side effects of EMFs may include: "increased risk of cancer, cell stress, harmful free radicals, genetic damage, structural and functional changes in the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and overall negative impacts on human well-being. "

What does this mean for AirPods and headphones?

Well, according to Apple, AirPods have been categorized into the "non-ionizing" guidelines, also known as low-risk radiation and as the study and petition point out, it's not just a product, but anything within the category EMFs "ionizing" or Bluetooth devices).

Which means that although the AirPods and headphones are close to the ear canal, it's more time spent on it and if you have to make a choice – they still hit with a phone next to your face, World Health Organization directly linking the dangers of mobile phones to high-radiation side effects.

Want to become clean tech habits more conscious? Learn some simple ways to eliminate dirty electricity from your day-to-day life and avoid high-risk exposure with our tips below.


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5 Tips for Living "Clean Tech":

1. Turn off all powerpoints at night, including Wi-Fi.
2. Switch your smartphone to airplane mode & # 39; whenever you are not using it (this cuts the connection to the radio towers and reduces the level of radiation emitted).
3. Choose the speaker mode whenever possible to reduce the position of the phone on your face or ears.
4. Go to the old school and choose keyboards, trackballs, mice, printers that use wires instead of wireless.
5. Avoid putting your laptop on your lap. Contrary to what it seems, exposure of high radiation to the body (and reproductive organs) has been linked to the risk of infertility.


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