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Wife pregnant due to anger through the adoption of children, myths or facts? : Okezone Lifestyle


PRESENCE the baby is important for couples. With the presence of children, families will be more perfect and happy. Not soon to be present the baby causes the couple to adopt the child as a bait. Many people believe that adopting children can speed up their wives to get pregnant.

In fact, things like those mentioned above were often made by couples who were not blessed with a child quoted by Okezone. Adoption, can the child cause the woman to become pregnant sooner? or just a myth? Saturday (05/18/2019), the following comments:

1. There is no connection between adoption and infertility

When examined from the medical side, adopting a child has nothing to do with pregnancy or overcoming infertility. In fact, there are studies that prove that this has absolutely no correlation.

According to the National Infertility Association Resolve, this study shows that the chances of wives becoming pregnant after adoption are the same as those who do not adopt them. Therefore, there is no correlation between the provoking child and the pregnancy.

Painful for the adopted child

When husband and wife have adopted a child and in the end the pregnancy program is successful. Later, in the growth period, there must be differences in parenting or even affection between biological children and adopted children. Of course this can hurt the adopted child.

Not to mention when you grow up and the adopted child must accept reality and know that he is not their biological child. This will hurt even can upset your mental state if it is not ready to accept reality. Not to mention other complicated issues such as the rights and obligations of child adoption to inheritance when both parents die.

3. Truth

The assumption that adopted children can provoke a pregnant wife in medical history is all a myth. But when husband and wife prove that the myth is true, make sure it is a gift from God. As words, the couple received a gift and trust from God.


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