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Why are the clouds floating in the sky and not falling? – What do you think when you look up at the sky and see that there is a cloud there? Perhaps some of you imagine the shape of the cloud.

However, some people also have basic questions about clouds, which is why they do not fall on Earth.

In fact, it has become common knowledge that earth has an attraction called gravity. This attraction causes all objects thrown to fall to the bottom or surface of the Earth.

So what makes the clouds special until they remain floating and do not fall to the surface of the Earth?

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One of the characteristics of the cloud comes from its construction material.

Clouds form when hot, moist air rises through the lower atmosphere. After that, the air will expand and cool and some of them will condense into small drops of water.

These little drops will gather and form clouds.

The size of the small drops is so small that it is difficult to fall. This is similar to the dust particles that float in the sunlight and penetrate the cracks in the window.

Dust particles do not fall to the ground, right? In fact, they are not just spinning floating in the air.

Summarize of Scientific AmericanRon Wesley, a meteorologist with the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, also said vertical upward motions in the atmosphere also contribute to floating clouds.

This vertical movement occurs because the air heats up. This is able to withstand Earth's gravitational pull until the clouds do not fall.

In fact, from the point of view on Earth, we see clouds seeming to hover in the sky.

However, if it is not warmer, such as days or low sunlight, water droplets in the clouds will condense and form mist. This is why we usually do not see clouds at night or in mountainous areas.

Usually, when the air cools, the clouds turn to mist, dew, and rain.

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