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JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Candidate for presidential number 01 Joko Widodo talks about the accusation of being a member or sympathizer of the Communist Party of Indonesia.

At various events in Banten province, Saturday (11/11/2018) through Sunday (04/11/2018), Jokowi said that, based on the results of the survey he received, about 6% of respondents believed that the issue of Jokowi was PKI.

Jokowi told a meeting with kiai and santri at the Darul Hikmah Islamic Boarding School in Pamulang, South Tangerang, Banten, on Sunday. "It seems that it is only 6%, but it is equivalent to 9 million Indonesians. . / 11/2018).

On the same day, during a briefing for 1,000 candidates at JHL Solitaire Hotel, Tangerang City, Jokowi said that during all this time he had been patient in facing the issues of PKI members.

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For almost four years he chose to remain silent and did not mind the charges.

However, before the 2019 presidential election, the issue is not diminished, but it is getting stronger.

According to him, now is the right time to clarify all occasions.

"During this time, I was silent, patient, patient, patient, but that's the way it is, so I'm not going anywhere, I need to respond now," Jokowi said.

Jokowi requested that his clarification be also disclosed to the general public. He said there were three explanations that could be passed on to the public.

First, the question is not logical. Because, through MPRS Decree Number 25 of 1966, the state decided to make PKI an illegal organization in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Jokowi was born in 1961. That is, when the PKI was dissolved, Jokowi was only 4 years old.

"How are there small PKI children? Tell them to the community. In terms of logic, it can not be inserted," said Jokowi.

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Secondly, the prosecution of PKI Jokowi was often accompanied by a photo of PKI General President DN Aidit speaking.

Beside the podium was a figure very similar to the figure of Jokowi.

After verification, it was discovered that the photo was when Aidit gave a speech in 1955. That is, Jokowi was not born that year.

"I do not know what to do," Jokowi said, "but I do not know what to do.

Third, said Jokowi, the PKI issue not only blew on him, but also hit his parents. Jokowi pointed out, now is the opening era.

One can easily check a problem whether it is true or false.

"Just go to the mosque near my house, close to my parents' house, Tanya, is it right? Just how can not it?" In Solo, NU exists, Muhammadiyah exists, Exactly there, LDII is there, FPI is there, it's all there, just ask them what the problem is? "Jokowi said.

Reason for Jokowi

Vice-president of the Jokowi-Ma? Ruf national campaign team, Arsul Sani, told the story behind Jokowi's opening on the PKI issue.

Arsul said, Jokowi really did not want to answer the subject.

"I saw Pak Jokowi initially not responding to the issue because it was a problem that was validated in the 2014 Presidential Elections through the People's Torch," said Arsul.

Arsul said that the perpetrators of defamation through People's Torch magazine had been convicted.

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However, there are still groups of people who believe in the issue. Jokowi is still considered a member of PKI.

Year after year passed, until the presidential election will be held again. However, the question that Jokowi was a member of the PKI was not lost either.

Arsul said many parties raised the issue in several regions.

"We found in the field that there are still those who continue to spread the issue and there are also certain constituencies that still believe," Arsul said.

Finally, the National Campaign Team advised Jokowi to answer these questions.

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Arsul said, Jokowi must speak so that this issue does not continue to be launched.

"We at TKN also suggest to Pak Jokowi that he respond directly to the issue so that the public can hear first-hand," said the Secretary-General of the Development Party.


Political communication observer at Pelita Harapan University, Emrus Sihombing, said that Jokowi's steps repeatedly to respond to accusations about PKI were natural.

Because, accusations about the PKI released in Jokowi have also been reproduced repeatedly in social networks.

"If we look at this from a communication point of view, if the charges are repeated, there are no repeated responses, so those who are built in the community believe the charges are true," said Emrus.

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So, Emrus argued, Jokowi's steps to answer the charges on several occasions were correct.

However, Emrus also considered that this was not enough.

According to him, Jokowi and his advisers are not enough just to respond to accusations by political opponents.

Jokowi should also be able to create positive issues related to the success of his government.

Thus, the public is not caught up in political retribution.

"So the times for Pak Jokowi or the government should explain to the public the success of the government, and this should be done repeatedly," said the CEO of Emrus Corner.

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