WhatsApp will love features so users do not suddenly join the group


HAI-Online.com – Maybe you have experienced when suddenly put in a WhatsApp group without notice or approval.

This is sometimes annoying, and that's a privacy issue that's been on WhatsApp for a long time.

Fortunately, WhatsApp will soon provide a solution in the form of restrictions on who can invite users to a group.

The group administrator can not add people to a group carelessly. This limitation can be found in the WhatsApp group settings, especially in Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups.

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There are three options available on who can invite users directly to a group, that is, "Everyone", meaning all unrestricted, "My Contacts", known only to those in the contact list, and "None" or none. once.

If you want to invite limiting WhatsApp users invitation, the administrator of the WhatsApp group should send a link containing the invitation link to join the group via japri (PM) for the related user.

People invited to join the group can then consider whether they will participate by clicking on the invitation link or not. This invitation link is valid for 72 hours.

Previously, there was no limit for WhatsApp group administrators to add other people to the group, which is supposed to be a means of spreading rumors or spam.

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As summarized Venture BeatWhatsApp will launch the group invitation limitation feature in stages from Thursday, April 4, yesterday.

Previously, the limitation feature invite group known for having started testing on iOS and Android WhatsApp applications since beta 2.19.55. If it is not yet available, the user may still have to wait until the group invitation feature is limited

Also be sure to update WhatsApp to the latest version via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store so that this update does not work. (*)

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