Wedding book will be replaced by a wedding card the size of a KTP


JACARTA – The Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia immediately stopped issuing wedding books and replaced them with more compact wedding cards, the size of a KTP.

The director general of Islamic Community Protection, Muhammad Amin, said the wedding card will begin issuing in late November 2018.

"Our goal, by 2020, wedding books will no longer be used, but everyone will use wedding cards," explained Amin on Sunday (11/11/2018).

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Meanwhile, he said, the residents who are getting married will still receive a wedding book and another wedding card.

The wedding card, he continued, will contain the name, wedding location and date, marriage certificate number and piercing number.

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He added that the wedding card will also carry the alias of the QR code that is linked to the application of the Couples Management Information System (Simkah) to minimize counterfeiting.

"We will be issuing wedding cards to major cities such as Jakarta, and then we will be scattered across a number of regions. The issue is made in stages so that, by 2020, marriage books are no longer used," he said. []



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