Monday , October 18 2021

Waze Add the Google Assistant feature

[ad_1], SOLO – Application of digital guide in smartphone, Waze, more sophisticated. Application smartphone Now it's getting more sophisticated with the addition of Google Assistant features. This feature will make it easier for users to use Waze.

Reported GSM Arena, On Tuesday (06/11/2019), the new Google Assistant feature is released in a limited way in the Waze application. So not all users can enjoy the newest feature. Currently, the Google Assistant feature in Waze can only be enjoyed by multiple users in the United States.

The Google Assistant feature can be used to report traffic conditions to where you want to go. This advanced feature will notify traffic jams and road conditions.

Users can also direct the Google Assistant to pick the fastest route. Google hopes these features can increase user satisfaction by using the Waze application. As you know, Waze is a digital map application that depends on data base Google Maps.

Thus, Waze relies on Google Maps as the primary map, but enhances it with several other features.

Waze is one of the most popular digital applications in Indonesia because it can display more diverse information than Google Maps. Waze can display information about the accident point, alternative roads, road closures, even police raids.

Waze has been acquired by Google since 2013. Now, the Waze route is more real time instead of Google Maps with the concept crowdsourcing.

The accuracy of Waze and Google Maps, in fact, does not make a significant difference. In the past, Waze was superior in terms of reporting traffic conditions. However, now Google Maps continues to improve its services, adapting some features of Waze.

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